Grupo Rosanegra

Passion for life & extraordinary food

At Grupo Rosa Negra we create unique gastronomic experiences in each of our restaurants, passionate about creative cuisine and exceptional service. Each dish is carefully prepared to delight the most demanding palates with every detail, committed to offering fresh products and ingredients of the highest quality.


The RosaNegra® Group brands offer a high-level gourmet experience, with innovative and avant-garde dishes. Exclusive products such as Alaskan King Crab, Tasmanian Trout, Giant Squid, Japanese Wagyu, or Australia´s Black Market line guarantee the commitment to offer the highest quality cuisine.

The restaurants of RosaNegra® Group are part of an exclusive group in the international gastronomic scene. They are holders of the Golden Head award by the Kobe Beef Federation, which endorses the sale of 100% authentic Kobe meat.

We are an entrepreneurial company that believes in a courageous, bold, and results-oriented culture, inspiring and creating new opportunities for everyone.


The long-term success of any restaurant depends on the quality of the food. Our Corporate and Executive Chefs ensure that we only use the freshest and most exclusive ingredients.


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