Grupo RosaNegra® is a Mexican company created in 2017 by Eduardo Beaven, an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry. During his career, he has brought to life successful gastronomic concepts at national and international levels.

He has travelled all over the world and opened restaurants in several cities, gaining extensive knowledge of their people, customs, and cuisine. Passionate about the culinary traditions and unique ingredients of each region, he poured his love and passion for cooking into every dish and detail while designing the menu for each restaurant in Grupo RosaNegra.

This is how he participates in the creation of new concepts that undoubtedly revolutionized the gastronomic world, presenting a novel format of serving food, breaking with all the traditional formality schemes, by mixing personalized service with a fun atmosphere and excellent cuisine.

In mid-2016 Eduardo Beaven decides to follow his dreams and become independent after a long career with a restaurant group. After a year of creation and development, RosaNegra® is born as a tribute to Latin American cuisine and a true homage to all the culinary wealth of Latin America.

Mexico City was the scene of the launch of such an ambitious project, where after months of searching, the possibility to take the best corner of the City, in the heart of Polanco, became a reality.

Knowing the value of having the best talents, Eduardo Beaven decides to work in collaboration with architect Jorge Borja to create this successful concept and the ones that would continue its path. Mr. Borja is the holder of the 2017 Versailles Architecture prize by UNESCO.

Logo RosaNegra Restaurant by Grupo RosaNegra

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Logo Tora Restaurant by Grupo RosaNegra

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Logo Taboo Restaurant by Grupo RosaNegra

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Logo Parole Restaurant by Grupo RosaNegra

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Logo Funky Geisha Restaurant by Grupo RosaNegra

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Logo Chambao Restaurant by Grupo RosaNegra

Tulum . Cancun

In March 2020, the arrival of the Covid-19 virus paralyzed the world, during which the governments of all countries imposed a generalized quarantine to slow the spread of infection. They asked people to stay at home and they imposed closure of all restaurants in Mexico.

Under this emergency, Grupo RosaNegra faced a strong challenge, where it sought to reinvent itself. We created new concepts and looked for opportunities within these very challenging times to generate income to support the families of the more than 1,000 employees.

We created four new concepts exclusively for home delivery, a growing business niche where people demand greater variety and quality. We seek to provide an innovative experience through dishes made of natural and healthy products, where the flavors are delicious, easy to eat and arrive in fun presentations.

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