The COVID-19 pandemic presented us with new challenges, which is why we developed the SAFETY PROGRAM, a comprehensive health safety program, created by public health experts. This program has its bases on the most effective international protocols and practices available and it is straightforward for our clients.

All our employees received training in the health and disinfection program as part of our commitment to keeping our clients, employees, and community safe. Each operational department has a detailed and customized set of procedures to follow. Here are some preventative measures you can expect:

Preventative Measures

  • We reduced our service capacity to 70%, to increase the space between tables.
  • A team of cleaning professionals disinfecting all areas 24 hours a day.
  • All our staff will use the N95 mask.
  • Disinfection of tables and chairs before and after the use of each group of diners.
  • We have hand sanitizer stations in all spaces and tables.
  • We perform thermal temperature scans remotely.
  • We put disinfectant mats at customer and employee access points.
  • Implementation of social distance signage
  • Display of posters with preventive measures to clients and staff
  • All work surfaces are disinfected every half hour.
  • Our service and kitchen staff must wash their hands every 15 minutes.
  • Dishware and glassware wash at temperatures above 80 degrees.
  • We wash napkins, table linens, and work uniforms at temperatures above 60 degrees.
  • Cutlery is wrapped in napkins.
  • Disinfection of menus before each use and available in a digital version.
  • We have mouth masks available to customers, who so request.
  • We cook food at more than 70 degrees, maintaining the cold chain, and preserve it by protecting with a film at all times.
  • Constant ventilation of interior areas and daily disinfection of air conditioning filters.
  • The Valet Parking service disinfects the interior of the vehicle and the keys before returning it to the client.

Come and relax and enjoy an unforgettable evening, creating exceptional experiences, with the full guarantee of the Safety Program offered by Grupo Rosa Negra.

All our branches have the Health Protection and Prevention Certificate issued by the Government of Q. Roo.

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